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Desert Jamboree
Desert Jamboree

Desert Jamboree invites the Coachella Valley community to spend a spectacular evening on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at the Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs Art Museum.
Desert Jamboree symbolizes “Music for Charity” with a celebration of the “Great American SongBook” filled with best-loved hit songs, endless entertainment, laughs and memories!
The Desert Jamboree will showcase some of the most talented performers the Coachella Valley has to offer and will be a 90-minute promise of an evening that will put you in the mood to groove.
Visit us on to find out who is performing this year!
Invite your friends for a fun filled evening with great performances and enjoy the 6:00 PM pre-show VIP Cocktail reception in the Garden of the Annenberg Theater!
Proceeds of the Desert Jamboree evening will benefit American Outreach Foundation in support of veterans and low-income families offering new possibilities for a brighter tomorrow.


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