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Mondays at the Museum    2017-2018
Mondays at the Museum 2017-2018

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11/13 – Latin American Modernisms
Kinesthesia curator Dan Cameron highlights the history of modernism as it developed in Latin America between the 1930s-60s, from Cubist and Constructivist influences, to Mexican murals and Surrealism, to Pop, Op, and Kinetic Art.


11/27 – Living Architecture in the Americas
Former Palm Springs Art Museum curator and writer on modernist architecture Sidney Williams joins Wonne Ickx, Mexico City architect and Professor of Architecture at UCLA. Together, they share their knowledge of midcentury modernists Albert Frey and Lina Bo Bardi in the larger context of modern and contemporary architecture and design.


12/11 – An Insider’s Guide to Pacific Standard Time (PST: LA/LA)
With over 70 PST: LA/LA shows spread across Southern California, how do you select which to visit? Ask an expert. LACMA curator and PST: LA/LA contributor (A Universal History of Infamy) Rita Gonzolez will talk about five amazing exhibitions at LACMA and other stand-out shows that are changing how we think about Latin American and Latino art. Join us for this insider’s guide to the best PST: LA/LA!


1/22 –  The Artist as Cultural Producer: Sustaining a Creative Life
Artist and educator Sharon Louden shares stories about the inner lives of artists who work outside the commercial art world in favor of public engagement in contemporary society.


2/12 – Another Minimalism:  Art After California Light and Space
Melissa Feldman, Distinguished Visiting Faculty at Cornish College of the Arts, talks about the legacy of Light and Space Art of the 1970s on contemporary art practice.


2/26 – Artists, Icons, and Legends: The Portraits of Michael Childers
Award-winning photographer Michael Childers talks about his portraiture work across several decades, from Mae West to Paul Newman, to David Hockney and Andy Warhol, with a special focus on his stint as founding photographer of Warhol’s Interview magazine.


3/12 –Behind the Veil, Andy Warhol In Context
Richard H. Axsom, noted curator and print scholar, takes a closer look at Andy Warhol’s art.  Beneath the glitter and glamour of the public persona, Axsom reveals a sensitive and deeply introspective artist, one who was attuned to the political realities of his time. He also places Warhol in a broader context of modern and contemporary art during the 1960s and 1970s.


3/26 – A Line in the Sand: From Pre-History to Post-Modern
Focusing on the museum’s permanent collection, art historian Elizabeth Armstrong traces a line in the sand from 19th-century Cahuilla artistry to 20th-century landscape painting, to midcentury modern design and celebrity, to contemporary art in the California desert.

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2/12/2018 10:00 AM
Annenberg Theater
2/26/2018 10:00 AM
Annenberg Theater
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Annenberg Theater
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